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Our Wireless VoIP service maintains high quality and allows users to call from anywhere where they have access to a wireless Internet connection (Wi-Fi).

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What is Ucontel?

Ucontel is an online retailer of prepaid phone cards & prepaid calling cards for the purpose of international calls & domestic long distance phone calls. This site provides calling card, phone card, and wireless recharge PINs delivered via email. Ucontel is a pioneer in the online prepaid industry and developed the first online "store" of calling card & phone cards. We look around at all markets and will only add the very best products to our site. If you have any questions or concerns regarding your instant international phone cards, calling cards or prepaid wireless product please contact us.


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Andinatel ecuador With telephone calling cards, customers and end users can make long distance calls from the comfort of their homes. It is not necessary that the phones are enabled for this purpose. The quality of the calls are also quite good- what with the calls being routed through broadband connections. andinatel ecuador Calling cards facilitate reliable and cost-effective pre-paid service, by ensuring cheaper rates on international long distance call. It also enables you to stay connected with friends and family members from your cell phone.

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Andinatel ecuador Making international or long distance calls through your standard phone lines or public switch telephony network is enough to create a deep rip in your pocket. If you are a frequent traveler or if you have friends and families staying overseas, your trouble will only escalate further with your telephony expenditure rising due to frequent international calling. International calling cards is one option that you can rely on for making long distance calls. andinatel ecuador Looking for Internet prepaid calling cards is a real hassle these days. With so many companies to choose from people are not sure where to look for them. No one really has time to sort through a bunch of websites just to find the most reputable companies with inexpensive calling cards. Read this article to find where you can search for the best prepaid calling cards.

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Andinatel ecuador Your prepaid calling card may have a different rate compared to that of your friend. This happens because your card have a varying pricing and costing system with the others. For better understanding, there are lots of considerations in setting the rates for every card in the market. It is your part to make comparisons to get a prepaid calling card with a better rate. andinatel ecuador Many individuals these days are using prepaid calling cards in calling family, friends, and associates, since these cards' give convenience. These cards can be use in any phones such as landline, cell phones, pay phones and hotels.